Who We Are

With over 30 years of experience with the corporate and educational communities, we were able to develop a strong relationship with our current partners. We are proud to have a 99% retention rate with our partners. It is this relationship-focused approach that proved effective and sustainable in our partnership model.

Our approach of providing only the best quality resources and services with our partners built a relationship that is the envy of competition. Our full-service model provides (1) best resource partner; (2) professional development; (3) full implementation support; (4) consistent monitoring and data-driven analytics – all these components have proven valuable and effective with our corporate and educational partners.

Mission and Vission

Our vision is to add value to our partners in their quest for excellence and competitive
advantage. We provide products and services that would complement and strengthen
their core competencies.

Our services include consulting, marketing, system integration, training and professional
development. We provide the necessary tools and skills our partners need to integrate
technology and innovation in their work place.

We are a team that is passionate in being able to help each and every professional to be
successful in life. We strongly support diversity and a progressive approach to ensure
that every professional gets the help he needs to excel.

We see ourselves as enablers in the advancement of the work place in the Philippines and
engage our partners towards 21st Century technologies.

The company aspires to be a change agent within the community by providing 21st
century resources and partners with proven strategies for enrichment in the different
fields that technology and innovation is needed.

We intend to support our partners with valuable resources to enrich their work experience
and professional development. We believe that professionals need the best tools and
resources to reach out to the new generation of digital workers and learners. Learning
and teaching in the digital world is very challenging and we want to be part of this
development and transformation.